About The Shot

A row of three balls is lined up by each side pocket led by a rack. The cue ball caroms off each rack, shoving each row of balls into their respective pockets, then travels down for the last solid ball in the corner pocket.

Discipline: Special Arts

Difficulty: Intermediate

Shot Compilations

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Gordon\'s Gauntlet

Make This Shot

The first set of three balls are aligned so they're pointing at 2-1/2 diamonds on the far rail (see the chalk in the picture). The vertex of the rack is aligned with this as well. (Figure 1)

The second set of three balls are aligned straight out from the side pocket. Again, the vertext of this rack is aligned with the balls. (Figure 2)

I place the cue ball just behind the head string, 1 diamond out from the long rail. I aim for the center of the back edge of the first rack. This is important because if you hit it off center, the rack will want to twist and you'll probably miss a ball. Follow is what gets the cue ball to come off the second rack and down to the corner pocket, so be sure to stroke it pretty good. Too hard though, and the cue ball has a tendency of jumping a lot.

Video: Gordon's Gauntlet

Video: Gordon's Gauntlet

Gordon's Gauntlet

Figure 1

Gordon's Gauntlet

Figure 2

Tim's Tidbit

Gordon 'The Wolf' Hedges challenged me with this shot at the Ultimate Trick Shot Tour stop at Shooter's Billiards in Southington, CT. Neither of us made it that time though.