About The Shot

The 1 ball is cut into the side pocket, the 2 ball banks into the corner pocket, while the cue ball travels two rails and kicks the 3 ball into the corner pocket that it hangs in.

Discipline: Trick & Fancy

Difficulty: Intermediate

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Gordon\'s Cut Bank Kick

Make This Shot

The 1 ball starts on the spot. Freeze the cue ball to it so that their centers are aligned toward the far point of the side pocket. This allows for the throw left since you will be putting right english on the cue ball. (Figure 1)

Freeze the 2 ball to the cue ball so it aims just short of the side pocket, maybe by a half ball or so. This will be one of the tougher balls to align and adjust since there's nothing to point the ball directly at. Make sure you can make small adjustments here. (Figure 2)

Start by aiming at the first diamond on the short rail. Elevate comfortably and use right hand english. Hit it firmly, but maintain control. Alignment adjustments should be easy to see. If the cue ball comes short, aim further left (up to 1/2 diamond) or hit the cue ball a little harder.

Video: Gordon's Cut Bank Kick

Video: Gordon's Cut Bank Kick

Gordon's Cut Bank Kick

Figure 1

Gordon's Cut Bank Kick

Figure 2

Tim's Tidbit

This is a creative shot invented by Gordon "The Wolf" Hedges.