About The Shot

This is a creation of Sebastian Giumelli. The first object ball caroms into the corner off of the row of eleven balls to start a chain reaction kicking the last ball up table. Meanwhile, the cue ball curves its way up to pocket the ball.

Discipline: Stroke

Difficulty: Intermediate

Shot Compilations

Sebastian Giumelli

Giumelli\'s Rendezvous

Make This Shot

Set the cue ball up so its edge is even with the point of the corner pocket. The first object ball is placed about 1/8 inch away from it. Both of the balls are frozen to the rail. (Figure 1)

The first ball in the eleven ball combination is about 3/4 ball off the short rail. Use ghost balls along the short rail to set it up, giving yourself the overlap. The The balls are frozen to their neighbors and they are all frozen to the rail. (Figure 2) Set a rack up in the side pocket so its edge is on the centerline of the table. My rack is light, so I put a ball tray behind it so it doesn't slide. Aim to hit the cue ball with lots of top and a half tip of left. Aim at about the 6th ball in the combination, and make adjustments in 1/2 ball width increments.

Video: Giumelli's Rendezvous

Video: Giumelli's Rendezvous

Giumelli's Rendezvous

Figure 1

Giumelli's Rendezvous

Figure 2

Tim's Tidbit

I first saw Nick Nikolaidis shoot this on ESPN Trick Shot Magic 2005.