About The Shot

Two balls are forced in to the near corner pocket, and one banks cross corner. The cue ball meanwhile, follows up the rail to pocket the ball hanging in the side.

Discipline: Follow

Difficulty: Beginner

Shot Compilations

Trick Shot Magic

Gerni\'s 3 Plus 1

Make This Shot

Freeze three balls in a line to the long cushion. The end ball is on the first diamond with the other two balls closer to the corner pocket (Figure 1). Also place the hanger in the side pocket. I like to have it so it's in the near half of the pocket. I have actually hit it and not made it a couple times. I like to put the cue ball on the long centerline of the table, one balls width up from the spot.

You have to be careful between the cue ball position and your aim. Only change one at a time. I hit the first object ball about 2/3 to the right with a tip and a half of follow. This shot looks good enough just with the three balls, so work on that first. If you're masochistic, then add the side pocket ball.

Video: Gerni's 3 Plus 1

Video: Gerni's 3 Plus 1

Gerni's 3 Plus 1

Figure 1

Tim's Tidbit

The first part of this shot was showcased by Paul Gerni in the 2001 Trick Shot Magic!