About The Shot

The 1 ball gets cut in the corner while the cue ball jumps over the row of blocking balls. Then it curves around the rack, hits the long rail and short rail with just enough spin to hold it up to come back and hit the rack, pocketing the other ball.

Discipline: Stroke

Difficulty: Advanced

Gabi\'s Future Classic

Make This Shot

I put the 1 ball one finger width away from the short rail, even with the middle diamond. The cue ball is about 1 finger width away from the 1 ball (Figure 1).

The cue ball and 1 ball are aligned towards the long rail point of the corner pocket (Figure 2).

I aim at the right edge of the 1 ball, or just beyond. Then I elevate up imagining that my cue stick is aimed at the base of the 1 ball. I use a 1/2 tip of top and 1 tip of left. Make sure to keep a loose wrist and drive the cue stick through the cue ball to get enough spin so it reverses off the second rail. If the cue ball's not curving, aim a little thicker on the 1 ball or use a little more top. This shot can be difficult if the rail doesn't grab the spin.

Video: Gabi's Future Classic

Video: Gabi's Future Classic

Gabi's Future Classic

Figure 1

Gabi's Future Classic

Figure 2

Tim's Tidbit

This jump-fouette shot was invented by Gabi "Mr. Perfect" Visoiu. Unfortunately, we both missed this at the 2011 World Cup of Trick Shots.