About The Shot

Two balls support another ball on the rail. I shoot the cue ball into the cushion near the stack, causing the supporting balls to split and the top ball to fall. The cue ball goes three more rails and comes back to pocket the former top ball.

Discipline: Bank & Kick

Difficulty: Intermediate

Four Rail Stack Drop

Make This Shot

Freeze two object balls to the short rail. The first object ball is three ball widths from the corner pocket. You can play around with this distance depending on how the balls drop for you. Tap them in good and they'll support the third ball on top of them. Make sure to keep an eye out on the spacing between the bottom two balls as this will affect where the third ball drops. I like the cue ball on the string, one diamond from the long rail.

I use the diamond sight where the stacked balls are as my aim point. Start with that along with 2 tips of top and a half tip of running english (in my case, right). Hit it pretty firm so the balls will drop when you hit the first rail. Hopefully you can get the top ball to drop near the same spot every time. From there, you can adjust your aim or hit to compensate if you're going long or short. Also, if there are a lot of divots on your table already, the balls could drop differently depending on which corner you stack them by. You might be surprised, so try setting it up in different positions.

Video: Four Rail Stack Drop

Video: Four Rail Stack Drop

Tim's Tidbit

This shot is an adaptation from a classic hustler shot where all you propose is to try to contact the top ball first!