About The Shot

The cue ball double kisses off the 1 ball, which is frozen to the rail. The 1 ball banks off the side rail and into the corner. Cue ball double kisses back off the side rail, bends around the blocking big 8 ball, and pockets the ball in the corner.

Discipline: Follow

Difficulty: Advanced

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The setup is simple. The 1 ball is frozen to the short rail at the first diamond. The blocking ball is at the 1x1 diamond intersection. The cue ball is 3 ball widths off the long rail, no closer than the 1st diamond line. Depending on the cloth, I sometimes change the gap to 2 balls plus 2 finger widths. (Figure 1)

In tournaments, there's a helper ball for the 3 ball in the corner and you don't have to make the 1 ball, but I think it looks prettier this way. I aim full into the 1 ball with maximum top. You have to shoot hard and get a lot of spin on the cue ball. I focus on keeping a loose grip and a loose wrist, and just let my bicep fire away as fast as possible.

Video: Follow the Kiss

Video: Follow the Kiss

Follow the Kiss

Figure 1

Tim's Tidbit

This shot demonstrates how much spin can be retained on the cue ball after a double kiss.