About The Shot

The cue ball is trapped between the rail and a blocker ball with the target ball in the opposite corner. I shoot in to the cushion and get the cue ball to squeeze behind the blocker ball, then go an extra four rails to pocket the hanging ball.

Discipline: Bank & Kick

Difficulty: Intermediate

Five Rail Escape

Make This Shot

The exact setup of the cue ball and blocking ball is table dependent. You just have to make sure that the cue ball won't hit the blocking ball coming off the short rail. In the video, my cue ball comes off the last rail between the first and second diamond, so I set the cue ball up a half ball width back from the first diamond to give it enough clearance. If your table plays a little shorter, the cue ball can come off a little higher and you can set the cue ball up right on the first diamond, which is easier to remember.

Changing your aim is the best way to make adjustments for this shot. I keep my spin constant with a 1/2 tip of running english. Start by aiming straight at the second diamond and go from there. If it runs short, aim farther up table. This shot is also speed dependent, so try to just give it enough to get around the table.

Video: Five Rail Escape

Video: Five Rail Escape

Tim's Tidbit

This was Allen Hopkins' Tip of the Day on the 2008 World Cup of Trick Shots!