About The Shot

The cue ball hits the object ball frozen to the rail. Both go two rails with the cue ball going first and pocketing the ball in the corner pocket. After clearing the pocket, the other object ball follows it in, like a cat chasing a mouse!

Discipline: Bank & Kick

Difficulty: Beginner

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Eckert\'s Chaser

Make This Shot

The positioning of the hanging ball is actually a critical component of this shot. You need the cue ball to get out of the way after it pockets this ball. I like to place it as in the picture, closer to the short rail. This plays for the scratch, but practically guarantees that the cue ball won't get in the way of the object ball that's chasing it.

I place the object ball that's frozen to the rail at the 2nd diamond. In competition, it's actually at 1.5 diamonds, but the shot can also be made if the ball is at the 3rd diamond. I put the cue ball two ball widths out from the cue butt, as seen in this photo.

Experiment with the object ball positions so you can see what kind of adjustments change the trajectories of the balls. In general though, start with a 1/2 ball aim on the object ball with a tip of running english. Make sure your stroke is smooth to really juice up the cue ball to shorten the path of the cue ball. Aim thinner if the object ball goes long.

Video: Eckert's Chaser

Video: Eckert's Chaser

Eckert's Chaser

Figure 1

Eckert's Chaser

Figure 2

Tim's Tidbit

This is a nice shot invented by Ralph Eckert from Germany.