About The Shot

The cue ball is juggled 3 times and in between, a set of 5 object balls is shot each time, with the first set being shot with an air bridge, the second set with the bridge on the table, and the third set left-handed.

Discipline: Special Arts

Difficulty: Intermediate

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Make This Shot

There's obviously a couple parts to this shot. The first is juggling the cue ball. Find out what speed you need to hit the cue ball to get it around the table. The slower you can hit it, the more time you'll have to pocket the object balls and the easier it will be to hit again on the move. Also, find a good speed for the 3 railer at the end to give yourself time for the last set.

Once you have the cue ball down, add the sets of object balls. Start with 3 balls per set and work your way up. Work on your rhythm for the first set since the cue ball is in the way, first crossing the path of the balls, then maybe in the way of your bridge or cue. The rest of it just requires moving back and forth.

Video: Easy Button

Video: Easy Button

Tim's Tidbit

This shot evolved out of a creation of Bob 'Bad Hair' Stangby, which Tom Rossman used on ESPN Trick Shot Magic. The original version juggled the cue ball 15 times and pocketed a single object ball each time.