About The Shot

I hit the cue ball off the top of the first stacking ball and into the second stack. Both balls in the second stack go into the side pocket and the cue ball draws back knocking in the ball it started out on top of.

Discipline: Special Arts

Difficulty: Beginner

Shot Compilations

Tim Chin Originals

Double Stack Draw

Make This Shot

I guess the hardest part about this shot is finding two stacking balls. If you don't have one, you can use a washer instead to balance balls on top of each other. I place the CB stack 1/2 diamond from the side pocket and the other stack 1-1/2 diamonds from the side pocket.

This shot is pretty easy. Just hit the cue ball straight. You don't really need any draw and a light hit does just fine. The adjustments will be pretty obvious.

Video: Double Stack Draw

Video: Double Stack Draw

Tim's Tidbit

This is a neat little shot I invented when playing around with two stacking balls.