About The Shot

After pocketing the object ball the first time, as the cue ball goes around the table, I pull the object ball back out of the pocket and set it up to get knocked in again.

Discipline: Bank & Kick

Difficulty: Beginner

Shot Compilations

Charlie Darling

Double Shot

Make This Shot

This is the setup for the cue ball and object ball. I place them, frozen to each other, one balls width off the bottom rail with the object ball in line with the middle diamond. (Figure 1)

I aim at 1-3/4 diamonds and stroke it nice and easy with mostly right and a touch of top. It just needs to be hard enough to get around the table, and it will give you plenty of time to dig up the object ball after it goes in the first time.

Video: Double Shot

Video: Double Shot

Double Shot

Figure 1

Tim's Tidbit

This was the first trick shot I ever learned. I saw it when Charlie Darling pulled it out in Trick Shot Magic 2002. Charlie added a bit extra by drinking a shot before the object ball got hit a second time.