About The Shot

I jump the cue ball over the first set of blocking balls, it bounces near the center of the table and over the second set of blocking balls, finally pocketing the hanging ball in the corner pocket.

Discipline: Jump

Difficulty: Advanced

Double Jump

Make This Shot

This is really just a monster jump shot. The placement of the blocking balls will be determined by your table and stroke. The second set is the most important. I put them about two diamonds away from the hanging object ball.

I like to use a dart stroke because I think I can generate more speed this way than using the pendulum stroke. I use about 45 degrees elevation I guess and hit it hard so it gets up enough to bounce a second time over the second wall. Try to keep the cue ball on the table too. It's more impressive that way.

Video: Double Jump

Video: Double Jump

Tim's Tidbit

Just like skipping stones across water, this shot skips the cue ball across the slate. On this particular one, I get lucky and the cue ball stays on the table.