About The Shot

Pocket the 1 ball in the far corner, then the cue ball spins back, bouncing off the long rail and going around the blocking ball, and pocketing the 3 ball hanging in the near corner pocket.

Discipline: Masse

Difficulty: Advanced

Shot Compilations

Stefano Pelinga

Dipsy Doodle Masse

Make This Shot

The cue ball is placed one ball width from the long rail at the second diamond. The 1 ball, in tournament play, must be at least 1cm from the cue ball. (Figure 1)

The cue ball and 1 ball are aligned to the left point of the corner pocket. The blocker ball is 1/2 diamond from the side pocket, frozen to the rail. (Figure 2)

I aim full on the 1 ball, then move my cue stick parallel to the aim line by 1/2 tip. I hit the cue ball pretty thick so my cue tip is well inside the circumference of the cue ball, and my follow through takes the tip to just in front of the base of the cue ball. Let loose and smoke it. You need a lot of spin just to get the cue ball to come back and bounce of the rail, and even more to get it to bite again and make it all the way to the corner pocket.

Video: Dipsy Doodle Masse

Video: Dipsy Doodle Masse

Dipsy Doodle Masse

Figure 1

Dipsy Doodle Masse

Figure 2

Tim's Tidbit

Stefano Pelinga invented this terrific masse shot. This take is as good as I've ever hit it. Enjoy!