About The Shot

The cue ball pockets the first ball in the corner, caroms off of the end rail and around an obstacle to pocket a second ball in the far corner.

Discipline: Follow

Difficulty: Beginner

Dipsy Doodle

Make This Shot

Setup's the easy part, placing two hangers and a blocking ball along the end rail. Usually, a single blocking ball is put 1 1/2 diamonds out from the first object ball. I use a two ball obstacle at the center of the end rail.

I have the cue ball behind the head string, just off of the side rail. To make it easier, you can move the cue ball further up table, two diamonds away from the first ball.I aim for about a 3/4 ball hit on the first object ball, with a smooth, firm stroke. Actually, I find myself gripping just a tad tighter to get around the two ball obstacle. Use lots of follow. A touch of right will hold it up off of the end rail, but it's not necessary to make the shot. It definitely looks pretty from the side view.

Video: Dipsy Doodle

Video: Dipsy Doodle

Tim's Tidbit

Try going around a single blocker ball first. The giant 8 ball is the same as two blocker balls though!