About The Shot

There's a four ball cluster by the side pocket. The cue ball bangs into them causing them to explode everywhere and then caroms off three rails to pocket the fifth ball hanging in the corner.

Discipline: Trick & Fancy

Difficulty: Intermediate

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Danno\'s Firecracker

Make This Shot

Here's the whole setup from the top. I start by placing the 2 ball one ball width from the long rail with its right edge even with the side pocket point. The 1 ball is straight out from it, although you may need to move it to the left slightly to angle it towards its pocket. (Figure 1)

Align the 3 ball so the 1-3 combo goes towards the long rail point of the corner pocket. This will allow for throw. (Figure 2)

Place the 4 ball so the 1-4 tangent line splits the side pocket. There shouldn't be a ton of throw here, but this can get tricky if you end up needing to use a lot of spin. (Figure 3)

As seen in the first picture (Figure 1), I put the cue ball 1-1/2 ball widths from the rail, just behind the 3rd diamond. I aim to hit the 4 ball about 3/4 to the left with maximum follow and 1/2 tip right english. Moving the CB towards the long rail will make it go a little longer. Using more right will help the CB keep a little more speed coming off the rails, but watch out for the throw on the 4 ball.

Video: Danno's Firecracker

Video: Danno's Firecracker

Danno's Firecracker

Figure 1

Danno's Firecracker

Figure 2

Danno's Firecracker

Figure 3

Tim's Tidbit

This is a nice set up shot invented by Paul "Book 'em" Danno and named by Renee' LaViness of Crown Cues. It's a little trickier than it looks, but it's not bad once you get the hang of it.