About The Shot

The cue ball is first hit three rails around the table. In the meantime, five object balls are machine-gunned into the corner pocket before the cue ball gets there.

Discipline: Special Arts

Difficulty: Beginner

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Corner Collation

Make This Shot

Obviously, the speed on the cue ball is very important. I like to aim it to come up short and hit the butt of the cue. This way, it'll give you a little extra time to get the other balls in.

You can start with fewer balls and work your way up, if you're just starting on this type of speed shot. It's a little more difficult because the cue ball isn't in your field of vision until the very end, so you don't really know if you're going fast enough through the first few balls. Also, try it from both sides of the table to see if you're more comfortable walking forwards or backwards while shooting the object balls. I prefer walking backwards.

Video: Corner Collation

Video: Corner Collation

Tim's Tidbit

This is a speed shot used by Ralph Eckert in the ESPN World Cup of Trick Shots 2008 that I also used to clinch my semifinal in 2011.