About The Shot

A cluster of 3 balls is by the side pocket. This time, one of the balls goes up into the corner while two go into the side and the cue ball draws back to make the last ball hanging in the near corner.

Discipline: Draw

Difficulty: Beginner

Shot Compilations

Tim Chin Originals

Cluster Draw

Make This Shot

I start by placing the 2 ball two ball widths out from the cut of the side pocket, with its front edge even with the point of the side pocket. (Figure 1)

I freeze the 3 ball to the 2 ball so their tangent line points to the short rail point of the corner pocket. (Figure 2)

I freeze the 1 ball to the 2 and 3 balls. The cue ball is placed just to the right of the tangent line of the 1-3 balls. (Figure 3)

I aim for >1/2 ball hit on the 3 ball, hitting it first, then caroming over to the 1. Use straight draw to get back for the 5 ball.

Video: Cluster Draw

Video: Cluster Draw

Cluster Draw

Figure 1

Cluster Draw

Figure 2

Cluster Draw

Figure 3

Tim's Tidbit

This is a shot I invented recently that's related to the Cluster Follow shot.