About The Shot

Here's a close draw (fouette) shot where I pocket one ball in the corner, taking out a tube and drawing the cue ball two rails pocket the second ball in the same corner.

Discipline: Stroke

Difficulty: Advanced

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Make This Shot

The object ball is one balls width off the cushion even with the second diamond. The cue ball is pretty close to it, less than a half inch and as close as 2 mm, when you get real good (Figure 1). If you have trouble, start with a half ball distance and work your way to a smaller gap. You'll have to adjust the alignment of the balls though.

The cue ball and 3 ball are in line with the long rail point of the corner pocket (Figure 2).

The other object ball is placed on a tube near the corner pocket (Figure 3). I like to put the tube closer to the long rail so the first object ball has a better chance of knocking it down. I have, on occasion, sunk the first object ball without taking out the tube.

Play around with the aim for this shot to see how much your shaft pushes out the cue ball. I like to use where my cue crosses the short rail as a reference, usually somewhere along the corner cut of the cushion. I use maximum draw and a tip of right english to help take it around. As you see in the video, stroke all the way through with lots of (controlled) speed. Make sure you're hitting where you're aiming. Even if you don't get around to make the second ball, it's still pretty good if you can get the cue ball within a diamond or two of the corner pocket.

Video: Close Draw Drag

Video: Close Draw Drag

Close Draw Drag

Figure 1

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Figure 2

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Figure 3

Tim's Tidbit

Mike Massey used a similar shot in ESPN Trick Shot Magic 2003.