About The Shot

The cue ball splits the two frozen balls into the corner pockets, kicks off the short rail, caroms off a ball hanging in the side pocket, and follows down table for the ball in the corner.

Discipline: Trick & Fancy

Difficulty: Beginner

Cleereman\'s Carom

Make This Shot

The triangle of balls are set up slightly farther back from the second diamond in this shot versus the original Tim's Twister. As in Figure 1, I used an extra ball width from the second diamond. I like to hang the side pocket ball as deep as I can and the corner pocket ball closer to the short rail.

I start by aiming straight between the two frozen balls to the cue ball. For the video, I had to adjust my aim slightly to the left. The hardest part about this shot might be that you're shooting through two other balls, so you have to make sure your stroke is firm so the cue doesn't slide off giving the cue ball unintended spin. Make sure that's not the problem when you're adjusting your aim. Then just stroke through the cue ball and knock 'em down!

Video: Cleereman's Carom

Video: Cleereman's Carom

Cleereman's Carom

Figure 1

Tim's Tidbit

This variation on Tim's Twister was invented by Nik Cleereman, a fan of mine.