About The Shot

The cue ball hits the object ball, curves around the blocking ball and is guided to the corner pocket by the short cue stick. The hit object ball travels around the table, pinballs off the props, making 3 other object balls.

Discipline: Follow

Difficulty: Intermediate

Circular Follow Pinball

Make This Shot

This is how the rack is set up (Figure 1). Basically, you need to be able to position it so the back edge will guide the cue ball to the far corner pocket. It's quite a steep angle, so the object ball has to be near the short rail side of the cushion and I freeze the corner of the rack to the long rail.

The object ball that gets hit is frozen to the cushion at the third diamond. The blocker ball is frozen in line with it. I use my masse cue to guide the cue ball to the ball in the corner pocket (Figure 2).

The exact placement of the longer cue stick is not as important. You could freeze it to the long rail to make the shot a little easier, but it's perhaps a bit more dramatic if you initially have it blocking the path of the cue ball to the corner pocket.

I place the cue ball just behind the headstring, one diamond out from the long rail. I aim to just miss the blocking ball which should let you hit the object ball pretty full. Stroke it with lots of follow to get the action.

Video: Circular Follow Pinball

Video: Circular Follow Pinball

Circular Follow Pinball

Figure 1

Circular Follow Pinball

Figure 2

Tim's Tidbit

I first saw Andy Segal shoot this shot, based on the standard Circular Follow shot.