About The Shot

In this shot, the cue ball caroms off the object ball on the rail, reverses to go around the second object ball, and then changes gears again to follow up table, completing a circular arc, and pocket a hanging ball in the corner pocket.

Discipline: Follow

Difficulty: Intermediate

Circular Follow

Make This Shot

Freeze three balls perpendicular to the long rail at the third diamond. Then remove the center ball. For this purpose, I usually use the cue ball to line these up since I need it on the table anyways (Figure 1). Then place a hanging ball in the far corner pocket. I position the cue ball about one diamond off of this long rail at the second diamond from the short rail. In competition, the cue ball has to be entirely behind the second diamond line.

Essentially, you have to hit the object ball frozen to the rail just a bit left of full. I've used various aiming systems and different ones work better on different tables. Also, you need lots of follow and a touch of left english. For this video, I aim full at the object ball with maximum follow, move my stick one tip to the right, paralleling my original aim line, then rotate about my bridge to get one tip of left english as well. You don't have to stroke it as hard as you might think, but hit it firm and keep your stroke smooth. If you hit it too full, the cue ball won't get around the second object ball. If you hit it too thin, the cue ball will bounce towards the middle of the table.

Video: Circular Follow

Video: Circular Follow

Circular Follow

Figure 1

Tim's Tidbit

This shot was one of the original 40 in the Artistic Pool shot program.