About The Shot

This is one of the preeminent stroke shots today. After pocketing the first object ball, the cue ball will duck behind the blocking ball, pop back out off the rail, and draw back down the table to pocket the hanging ball in the near corner.

Discipline: Draw

Difficulty: Advanced

Shot Compilations

Mike Massey

Circular Draw

Make This Shot

Here's how I like to setup the circular draw shot. The blocking ball is frozen to the rail with its edge even with the side pocket point. The object ball is three ball widths away and a half ball width back (Figure 1).

I align the cue ball with the object ball so they point to about the 3/4 diamond point on the short rail away from the corner pocket (Figure 2). Remove the two spacer balls and place the hanging ball. This shot can be made with two blocker instead of just one, in case one gets too easy for you.

I use a rail bridge, but I let my cue stick rub against the nose of the cushion. Basically, you want to have a level stroke, but you're restricted, so just get it as level as you can. I prefer to aim at 7 o'clock, but it can be made with straight draw. Hit it as low as possible with a quick, hard stroke. Keep the grip loose throughout the stroke. I tend to concentrate on my bicep to give me the power for the stroke.

Video: Circular Draw

Video: Circular Draw

Circular Draw

Figure 1

Circular Draw

Figure 2

Tim's Tidbit

Mike Massey hits this better than anyone now. However, this shot often conjures up memories of Cowboy Jimmy Moore, who would shoot this shot with a slip stroke.