About The Shot

The cue ball splits the 1-2 cluster by the side, hits the rack pocketing the 3 and 4 balls, goes off the side rail and comes back for the 5 ball where it all started. Amazing!

Discipline: Trick & Fancy

Difficulty: Intermediate

Shot Compilations

Robert Byrne

Byrne\'s Triangle

Make This Shot

Here's the setup for the rack. I start with the back edge even with the second diamond, centered on the long centerline of the table. This can be adjusted forward and back depending on the final travel path of the cue ball. (Figure 1)

The balls frozen to the rack are positioned so they point towards the long rail, just above the corner pockets, if you draw a line perpendicular to the edge of the rack. This accommodates the throw. (Figure 2)

Here's the cluster by the side pocket. I position the 5 ball as deep as I can and put the 2 ball in line with it. The 1 ball is hanging a little farther out. I place the cue ball 1 to 1-1/2 ball widths off the cushion with the front edge about even with the point of the side pocket. (Figure 3)

I like to use a center ball hit with no english to start. You have to aim for a real thin hit on the 1 ball. If this throws the 1 ball into the long rail too early, you may need to move that combination out a bit. The real key is getting the cue ball to hit near the center of the rack to avoid any twisting effects which will cause those balls to miss. For the final cue ball travel back to the side pocket, you can adjust the spin on the cue ball or move the rack forward or back, as long as you can still hit it near the center.

Video: Byrne's Triangle

Video: Byrne's Triangle

Byrne's Triangle

Figure 1

Byrne's Triangle

Figure 2

Byrne's Triangle

Figure 3

Tim's Tidbit

I learned this shot from Robert Byrne's Treasury of Trick Shots and parlayed it into a few points at the 2009 Ultimate Trick Shot Tour Championships.