About The Shot

Stroking through the cue ball sends both the 3 ball and cue ball down table, drifting just pass the blocker. The 3 ball hits the short rail and rebounds back where the cue ball is there to double kiss it into the corner pocket.

Discipline: Bank & Kick

Difficulty: Advanced

Shot Compilations

Robert Byrne

Byrne\'s Double Kiss

Make This Shot

First, freeze the 3 ball to the rail at the 2nd diamond. Then, freeze the cue ball to the 3 ball and the rail. (Figure 1) It's important that the balls are touching and that they're both touching the rail, otherwise it will make adjustments difficult. I position the blocker ball at the 3rd diamond on the opposite long rail, but you can move it back to the 2nd diamond too.

I aim parallel to the long rail with a touch of left english, as diagrammed, and a touch of draw. The shot's pretty sensitive to the amount of spin, so you'll have to use small increments to make adjustments. The inside should throw the object ball away from the rail, missing the object ball. It will also squirt the cue ball away from the rail. You can hit it pretty softly, but keep your stroke smooth.

Video: Byrne's Double Kiss

Video: Byrne's Double Kiss

Byrne's Double Kiss

Figure 1

Tim's Tidbit

This is a devious little shot I rode all the way to win the 2010 Ultimate Trick Shot Tour Championships. The cue ball and 3 ball are frozen to the rail and to each other, with a blocker ball in the way of the corner pocket.