About The Shot

The cue ball hits the 1 ball, combos the 2 in the corner, banks cross-side. The cue ball caroms off making the 6, then hits the three ball cluster sending the 4 in the side, 5 up the rail in the corner, and the 3 is thrown into the opposite corner.

Discipline: Trick & Fancy

Difficulty: Intermediate

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Bonge\'s Jumble

Make This Shot

Here's most of the setup. I like to put the 1 ball 1/2 ball off the rail and 1/2 ball to the right of the pocket point. The right edge of the 6 ball is even with the pocket point and about 1/4 ball deeper than the cut of the pocket. The 4 ball I start about 1/4 ball out from the rail cut with its left edge even with the pocket point. (Figure 1)

The 1-2 combo is aligned to the short rail point of the corner pocket to allow for throw. (Figure 2)

The 5-3 combo line is aligned to the long rail point of the corner pocket, allowing for the throw. The biggest key in this shot is how the 6 ball is aligned and how far out the 4 ball is. Keep the 4 ball constant wherever you choose. Then, move the 6 ball over the pocket more if you need more speed on this cluster. (Figure 3)

I'd restrict the cue ball to be on the long centerline, but you can move it closer if you wish. I put it on the 1-2 tangent line. I aim for just less than a half ball hit on the 1 ball with center ball. If the 1 ball banks long, aim thicker. If this doesn't give you enough speed, move the 6 ball and adjust the distance the 4 ball is from the rail. There's a lot of parameters you can play with, so it's not simple, but it looks great once you get it down!

Video: Bonge's Jumble

Video: Bonge's Jumble

Bonge's Jumble

Figure 1

Bonge's Jumble

Figure 2

Bonge's Jumble

Figure 3

Tim's Tidbit

Here's a great setup shot invented by a good friend of mine 'Jersey' Joe Bonge. Lots of balls are in action here. Whew!