About The Shot

With all of the balls frozen to the cushion, I bank the 3 ball backwards into the side pocket. This is a great example of spin transfer to the object ball.

Discipline: Bank & Kick

Difficulty: Beginner

Shot Compilations

Stefano Pelinga

Backward Bank

Make This Shot

Here's how the object balls are set up. They are frozen to each other and frozen to the cushion, splitting the 3rd diamond. If you're really gutsy, only use one object ball and freeze it next to the point of the side pocket. (Figure 1)

The cue ball is also frozen to the rail at the 2nd diamond on the other side of the table. Then I aim for a 1/2 ball hit on the 3 ball with maximum left english and a 1/2 tip of top, which may not be necessary. Be sure to get the cue ball spinning real good so it can transfer it all to the 3 ball. You can adjust your aim slightly, but this shot seems to be more dependent on the spin.

Video: Backward Bank

Video: Backward Bank

Backward Bank

Figure 1

Tim's Tidbit

This is the shot Stefano Pelinga opened with in the 2000 Trick Shot Magic.