About The Shot

Here's an adaptation of the 8 rail bank on to a dollar bill. Running a little long, it's possible to pocket a ball in the near corner pocket going 7 rails around the table first.

Discipline: Bank & Kick

Difficulty: Intermediate

7 Rail Kick

Make This Shot

The setup's obviously very easy, just place the object ball in the corner pocket. Cue ball position is very important though, so pay attention to even half ball width variations. I like to start 2 1/2 diamonds from the short rail and 1 diamond out from the long rail and make adjustments from there.

I aim at the 1 1/2 diamond point from the opposite corner pocket on the long rail. Because of the angle, the cue ball actually hits another 1/2 diamond or more closer to you. I hit with a tip of left english and a half tip of draw with a good clean, hard stroke. It's easy to overhit, lose control, and have the cue ball jump off the table. More than likely is the cue ball hitting the opposite short rail and jumping off the table back towards you, so be ready to move or catch the rock. If you're coming up short or scratching after 5 rails, move the cue ball closer to the long rail or aim further down to the corner pocket. If you're scratching in the side, do the opposite. Again, though, you might have difficulty if the cloth is too worn, which is why this is usually played as the dollar bill shot. If you don't know what that is, get in touch with me and I'll explain it to you.

Video: 7 Rail Kick

Video: 7 Rail Kick

Tim's Tidbit

This shot's a lot easier on new cloth. I use a striped ball in lieu of the cue ball so it's easier to follow around the table.