About The Shot

Basically, you come up a bit short, so you set up a couple sets of a ball on the table frozen to another one on a piece of chalk. Once the cue ball goes 7 rails, it hits the first ball creating a chain reaction to pocket the second ball on the chalk.

Discipline: Bank & Kick

Difficulty: Intermediate

Shot Compilations

Charlie Darling

7 Rail Chain Reaction

Make This Shot

Here's the setup to start the chain reaction. Place one ball on top of a piece of chalk and then freeze another one to it. (Figure 1)

I used two of these combinations in the shot. So make sure the first combination is aligned so it'll hit the second one. In this view, you see that it's off the rail a little bit. (Figure 2) This is so the ball on the chalk doesn't catch the top of the rail and bounce toward the center of the table.

The rest of it is similar to the 7 Rail Bank shot. I like the cue ball 2 1/2 diamonds out from the short rail and about 1 diamond out from the long rail. Then pick an aim point, like the first diamond and hit it with a touch of draw and a touch of left. Stroke it good and hard, but keep the cue level or else you'll end up jumping all over the place.

Video: 7 Rail Chain Reaction

Video: 7 Rail Chain Reaction

7 Rail Chain Reaction

Figure 1

7 Rail Chain Reaction

Figure 2

Tim's Tidbit

Some fans were having problem with the 7 Rail Kick, so I offer the 7 Rail Chain Reaction. Charles Darling actually used this shot in ESPN Trick Shot Magic 2003.