About The Shot

Holding two pool cues, I simultaneously hit two cue balls, one goes 3 rails to pocket one of the hanging balls while the other one goes 2 rails for the other hanging ball.

Discipline: Special Arts

Difficulty: Intermediate

Shot Compilations

Stefano Pelinga

2 and 3 Rail Double Kick

Make This Shot

The trickiest part to this shot is figuring out how you're going to hold the pool cues. I like to hold one cue with my index finger and the other one with my pinky. On my grip hand, I've found it easiest to cross the cues and have my index finger in between them to get the right angle.

Once you figure out how to hold the cues, then set up the spacing for the cue balls. Keep in mind that you'll want running english on both of them. I start the first one out by the headstring and aim with my left pool cue to hit ~1/2 diamond on the short rail. Then find out where to put the other cue ball to get it around the 2nd diamond of the opposite long rail.

Video: 2 and 3 Rail Double Kick

Video: 2 and 3 Rail Double Kick

Tim's Tidbit

This is a fun shot invented by Stefano Pelinga.